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Hi! I'm Laura, wife to one extremely patient man, mum of 2 crazy boys, candle obsessive and founder of my 3rd baby, PUR Candles.

By Laura Morris, Sep 15 2017 12:46PM

Anyone who works from home knows all too well the temptation to pull on tracksuit bottoms as day wear (or possibly just stay in PJs..if only this were appropriate attire for the school run) Anyone else guilty of having worn the top they slept in underneath a jumper for the drop off?, just me then.

I did read somewhere that making the effort with what you wear and slapping a bit of make up on when you work from home makes you more productive, as you feel more in a kind of 'prepared/ready to work' zone. Well it's definitely true for me. Even if it's only a bit of moisturiser and mascara I always feel a bit more 'ready'. But I obviously don't want to wear 'workwear' in its traditional sense, unless I'm meeting with a retailer or doing a pop up shop. The rest of the time I need to be comfy, as I'm either in the kitchen melting wax and mixing essential oils, in my workshop polishing candles and trimming wicks and rarely at my desk.

My wardrobe however is in serious need of an update. The summer clothes have been packed away and I'm feeling the need for some cosier clothes that still feel like workwear for me. So when I was kindly invited to the Golden Square Shopping Centre in Warrington for their GS LookBook Live event it was perfect timing.

I headed straight for my trusty high street shops, H&M and Topshop, where I'm always guaranteed to find something that immediately lifts my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The knits in H&M were lovely, in an array of colours and nicely oversized which I love. But this Topshop number was the winner for me. Gorgeous nudey pink colour, goes with everything (I'm mainly in jeans or leather leggings) and at £34 it definitely feels and looks more expensive.

I also love H&Ms Conscious Collection so will definitely be popping back for a few of these deliciously soft t-shirts.

Working from home also means that I'm in the house pretty much all the time, so seem to constantly be on a mission to update, add a cushion here, put some more accessories there. I found this beautiful tray in Monsoon and am thinking of using it as a make up tray instead of rooting around in my mucky makeup bag every morning. I seriously wanted everything in this range. Anything wood with marble effect and I'm sold.

It was so lovely to have some rare time to myself and it's only when I do actually go shopping alone that I realise how much good it does me. As good as any relaxation I'd say. Focusing on 1 activity...can this be classed as mindfulness? Well I mindfully shopped and I mindfully ate my lunch, which I luckily got to share with one of my besties from Uni. We cosied up in a booth in Golden Square's Prezzo and caught up over Pizza & Salad...before I dashed back to Sunday evening chaos, feeling a little bit more like myself.

Laura x

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